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Need Food and Water Drop in L'Asile - Hurricane Matthew - Response

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Kathy Gilbeaux
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submitted by Alison Thompson - October 5, 2016

 I've had an SOS  from Father David Fontaine ( cell in haiti 37389593) -) in L'Asile- they are cut off roofs off yellow church and homes in mountains etc they need a Food and water drop ASAP. 

Dear Mrs Thompson,

Allow me to write you on the advice of Janice, from the Rain Catchers team.

I'm the parish priest of L'Asile, department of Nippes, Haiti. Our department was damage by the hurricane Matthew.
Some places are more in emergency, like L'Asile (because in the middle of 3 rivers without bridge), Baradères who is in the flood, and Anse-a-Veau, near the sea. 

Please, I ask your help with Air Drop, specially for water and emergency food. The parishes, with the comitees of Caritas will be able to assure a just distribution.
Hoping your help as we hope the help of the divine Providence, be sure dear Mrs Thompson, of my deep respect,

Fr david Fontaine
Catholic Parish Priest of l'Asile
Nippes, Haiti
Father David # is 011-509-37389593

New update from father David Fontaine
Parish priest of l'Asile
Nippes, Haiti

‎Dear Dr Alison Thompson ‎,

Thank you so much to try to help us like this.
We look forward to see your Drop Air in L'Asile, in the middle of our 3 rivers. I talked with the chief doctor of the hospital here. He's afraid of the Cholera after Hurricane Matthew. So he gave me a list for you. And we need food too, perhap hyper vitaminic food easy to distribute specially for the elderlies and children.

About injuries, it seems nobody die or have big wounds, thanks to God. L'Asile has about 35000 people in a area of 25 km by 12 km.‎ For the moment, the civil protection doesn't have the precise account of the people who need help, it means who loose their house, BUT the maire told me that it is a minimum of 1000 family in state of emergency. On the ovest part of the Township, there is 200 people in a temporary shelter. I'm personaly sure that there more than 1000 family in state of emergency in L'Asile, perhaps 2000...
And others townships are in the same situation, like Baradères and Anse-a-Veau‎. So it would be great if the drop air system can come to these townships too.

So here's the list of the things we need in emergency :

‎Ringer lactate : 100 units
NaCl. 0.9 pour cent: 100 units
HTH en bokit. 
Aquatab 10000 tablettes pour 500 patients.
‎Kcl en ampoule pour IV
1 big tent for the patients who would have cholera ( the hospital has just a little one for 3 patients)
Food hyper protein and hyper vitamin for Elderly people and children.
Tarpolins for a part of the people who loose their roofs. 
L'Asile has a soccer land who is able to receive the helicopter, I did verify it this afternoom. He's located in 'Bellevue', about 2kms on the ovest of the center of the town. We have a truck in the Parish who can receive the gifts‎ (maxi 4 tonnes).

All the medical staff will be received by the public hospital of L'asile, but the food and tarpolins will be given to the people by the team of Caritas in l'Asile.‎ We will be able to make a list of distribution with the name of the people and signature if you need.

I would like to be more precise but you can be sure that the reality will be superior than our present estimates.

Hoping in God's Providence and your generosity to help us, be sure Dr Thompson, of my great gratitude,

Fr David Fontaine
Parish priest of l'Asile
Nippes, Haiti

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L'Asile is a city in Haiti. Its area is 56 sq mi 154 km2. The city's population is 37,352. The stright distance between L'Asile and Port-au-Prince is 72 miles (115 kilometers).  
latitude and longitude coordinates of L'Asile

WGS84 18° 23′ 0″ N73° 25′ 0″ W
Geo URI; color: #3366bb; background-position: 100% 50%; background-repeat: no-repeat no-repeat;" rel="nofollow">geo:18.383333,-73.416667
UTM 18Q 667267 2033326
Zoom 6 Scale ± 1:100000
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