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Health: Tense Situation Between the Dominican Republic and Haiti - June 11, 2013

Monday, the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), the Dominican Ministry of Public Health and the Directorate General of Livestock confirmed in a joint statement, that they they have not recorded a single case of bird flu or swine flu in the Dominican Republic.

For Freddy Hidalgo, the Dominican Minister of Public Health and Lilian Reneau, local representative of PAHO, there is "a confusion in the information on the presence of this virus in the Dominican Republic." Octavio de la Maza, the Deputy Director of Livestock in the Dominbican Republic attributed to "speculation" the allegations of the presence of the virus in the country.

For José Del Castillo Savinon, the Dominican Minister of Industry and Commerce it is clear that the Haitian authorities have confused the virus A / H1N1 human influenza (not transmitted to animals) with other strains, which relate to animals).


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Five Confirmed Cases of H1N1 in Haiti

2010 public announcement sign by the Ministry of Health

submitted by Albert Gomez - June 15, 2013

ANSE-A-PITRE, Haiti ( - In the South-East border town of Anse-à-Pitre, laboratory tests have confirmed that five individuals contracted the H1N1 influenza that first appeared in the Dominican Republic where 15 have died in the past two weeks. As well, the ban on Dominican poultry products was partially lifted.

Five specimens were sent to a laboratory in the Caribbean and the MSPP received the results in less than 24 hours to confirm the suspicions.