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A Community in Haiti Works to Protect Water Sources and Improve Sanitation

A child washes his hands at a fountain built by Haitian NGO Concert-Action in collaboration with the community and funded by UNICEF in Petit Bourg du Borgne. Petit Bourg du Borgne is a remote village in the mountainous Northern Department, Haiti.  UNICEF Haiti/2013/Dormino

PETIT BOURG DU BORGNE, Haiti, 21 March 2013 – Celianne Jean and her 5-year-old daughter Wislaine used to join others in the community every day at the local water source. The villagers would position their buckets to collect water from the source – a leaf someone had placed carefully to catch and funnel unprotected water trickling from down the mountain.

“We had many problems with the water,” says Ms. Jean. “Cholera was hitting the area, and we were drinking any type of water without treating it. People were getting sick.”


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