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Chikungunya Cases Confirmed in Haiti

PORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti May 7, 2014 (AP) - ABC News

A mosquito-borne virus that has spread rapidly through the Caribbean since it was documented in the region for the first time in December has been confirmed in Haiti, a government official said Tuesday.

Authorities have confirmed 14 cases of the chikungunya virus in Haiti, Health Minister Florence Guillaume Duperval said.

Duperval said in an interview with Radio Metropole that the government would soon begin airing public health advisories on the radio to alert people to the symptoms, which can include a sharp fever, headache and joint pain.


CLICK HERE - CDC - Chikungunya in the Caribbean

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Chikungunya Strikes Haiti


Cite Soleil (Photo by John Carroll) - by John A. Carroll, MD - May 8, 2014

Based on the patients I have examined in Port-au-Prince today and listening to the Haitian doctors I work with, I think Chikungunya virus will strike Haiti hard. I am no public health expert but I think that this is the beginning of another epidemic by a nasty pathogen.

This virus is carried by the same mosquito that spreads dengue. We will all learn about this virus once it hits the US.

More later.

John A. Carroll, MD