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AME-SADA Needs Your Help to Combat Cholera in Haiti

African Methodist Episcopal Church - - October 29, 2010


AS OF 21:00 Hrs  (9 p.m.), October 27, 2010.  The number of suspected cases of cholera is continuing to increase in parts of the Plateau Central, Artibonite and Western Departments in Haiti.  According to various reports about 3000 people are/have been treated and close to 300 have died. 

The AME-SADA zone of intervention is within the Western Department, borders on the Artibonite region (original focus of the outbreak) and is seeing an increasing numbers of cases.  So far, all of the patients are being treated at the AME-SADA Pont Matheux facility (located on the main highway 40 miles north of Port-au-Prince, before Montruis and St. Marc). AME-SADA now has a total of 219 cases under treatment.  Six patients have died, including one who died at the gate of the facility while being brought by a relative on a motorcycle.  The patients come from the following Communal Sections:  3eme Des Vases (Barbancourt, Corail, Cortade, Digue Matheux, Ganyen, Hostin, Labarre, Lapointe, Petit Bois, Ponce, Bois Neuf, Roberjo, Saintard, Pont Saintard and Williamson), 6eme Matheux/Leger (Couilleau and Capoule) and 7eme Fond Baptiste (Doco, Garien, K Pie I and Movilier).

“Our Staff is Being Taxed Severely”

We have received some supplies from USAID, MSH and MSPP Port-au-Prince and have procured some items locally, but we NEED MORE (see list below).  Also, we have received a visit from representatives of the Center for Disease Control (CDC) who have taken samples from four (4) of the patients for further laboratory tests.  The AME-SADA Haiti Country Director is finalizing discussions with the French and German Red Cross organizations for some additional assistance through their local representatives.  AME-SADA is also very grateful for the generous donation received from Bishop Sarah F. Davis and Supervisor Claytie Davis, Jr. which will allow us to bring in some badly needed temporary medical staff for the next 30 days.

The Pont Matheux facility has a total of 5 beds and we now have over 219 patients under various levels of treatment. They are being placed on chairs, benches and floors.  The conditions for patients and staff are not adequate, but they are being provided the best treatment available.  Our staff is being taxed severely.  The other AME-SADA health centers in the region are as follows:  Bellanger, Leger, Fond Baptiste, Delice I, Source Matelas and Delice II.    They are out-patient facilities only.  Three of them have space which may be transformed into additional treatment centers if adequate staffing, supplies and equipment become available.

Cholera Prevention Education Not Enough

The AME-SADA Health Agents (92) and Traditional Birth Attendants (381) have been mobilized in the area to work with the local population on cholera prevention education.  These community workers are also in need of water purification tablets to distribute during their sessions while this outbreak lasts.  It is not possible to realistically expect the local population not to use their only source of water, even if it may be contaminated.  The cost of boiling the water or buying drinking water is prohibitive for most families in the area.

For additional information please contact the following persons:

In Washington DC:  Robert Nicolas, Executive Director, or Dr. Ketty Philogene, Health Program Officer,  at the following telephone numbers: (202) 371-8722; FAX (202) 371-0981

Mailing Address:  AME-SADA, 1134 11th Street, NW, Washington, DC 20001; Website:

AME-SADA Port-au-Prince, Haiti:  Ms. Madeline Pierre Dupiton, Country Representative,  Telephone Number: 011 509 2 942-1303 or 011 509 3 454-1410; or Dr. Marie Yolaine Remy,   and Telephone Number:  011 509 3 467-1075

Office Address:  #5 DELMAS 81, ROUTE DE DELMAS, Port-au-Prince, HAITI, WI